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EP 200: Shoeing Horses, Gear and a Not So Normal Guiding Season

  On this episode, Adam and Nolan get in one last episode before NMO drops off the grid for whatever the 2020 guiding season may bring.   They discuss what the first few days and

EP 199: Guiderite Adventures, with Luke Carrick

Nolan sits down with Luke Carrick of Guiderite Adventures. Luke has a wealth of experience as a backpack hunter and guide in Washington…

EP198: Food for the Backcountry, with Spencer Trippe

Nolan sits down with Spencer Trippe, owner, and founder of Off Grid Food Co. They cover the driving force behind starting the company, what goes into their awesome meals.

EP197: Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance with Pete Muennich

Nolan sits down with Pete Muennich, president and founder of the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance. Pete walks through the RMGA’s origin, conservation efforts, and what the future has in store for those beasts the color of winter we love so much.

EP196: Mentorship with Dylan Eyers

Nolan sits down with Dylan Eyers, founder of Eatwild. Dylan has dedicated his life to hunting and foraging, as well as mentoring others, and embodies the “field to table” lifestyle in the truest sense.

EP195: Sweet Success

Nolan sits down with Dr. Matt Ward once again. After a disappointing elk hunt last fall — Beyond The Kill Elk Series 1-3 — Wardo shares his heartbreak and the success of his first spring black bear season.

EP194: AZ Archery Bears, With Brady Cervantes

Adam sits down with Brady Cervantes. Brady “Totanka” is a USMC Scout Sniper Veteran, Bull Rider, and Hunting Guide for Big Chino Outfitters in Arizona. While the conversation spans a variety of topics, bow hunting black bears is the core of the conversation.

EP193: The Most Dangerous Game with Jack Carr

Adam sits down once again with Author Jack Carr. While the focus of the discussion is around his most recent novel, Savage Son, they cover previous books in the Reece series and dive into all things hunting.

EP192: Guru Behind the Glass, with Nick Trehearne

Nolan sits down with photographer and mountain hunting guru Nick Trehearne. While Nick is usually the sort to quietly let his work speak for itself, his prowess behind the glass – both camera and rifle – more than speaks for itself.

EP191: Navigating International Hunting Pt II, with Bryan Martin

Nolan sits down with Bryan Martin of Asian Mountain Outfitters for the second part of their conversation. Bryan is a wealth of knowledge on all things mountain hunting and this episode covers cartridge selection, rifles, shooting, and optics systems for international mountain hunting.