Beyond the Kill Podcast | Journal of Mountain Hunting

EP466: Precision Insights Repost – Tripods

It’s that time of year when we should thinking good and hard about the gear we need to upgrade or replace. With this in mind, we’re reposting one of the Precision Insights episodes from last

EP465: Hard Yards Podcast – Inconsistent Archery and Your Neck (Repost)

Wardo touches on how your upper back and neck can be the cause for inconsistencies when shooting your bow. This episode will help you understand how/why and, give you a couple of quick fixes so

EP464: Hunt Where You’re Planted with Harrison Bryk

Nolan visits with Harrison Bryk – Chef and avid hunter and angler who currently resides in the northern Gulf Islands of British Columbia. Harrison is one of those folks that, whether hunting or fishing, really

EP463: Hard Yards Podcast – Priming Your Calves For Running – Before You Need To

In BC and other northern climates, we generally aren’t running much over the winter. As spring comes and you get back to running the inevitable calf tightness can range from “Oh that’s tender” to “Holy

EP462: South Thompson Sheep Monitoring With Peter Gutsche

Nolan visits with Peter Gutsche – a good friend of the podcast, WSSBC Director and passionate conservationist – to discuss the South Thompson California Bighorn Sheep monitoring project that the Wild Sheep Society of BC

EP461: Hard Yards Podcast – The Right Input For The Right Output In Your Training

Wardo branches off from a specific topic for more of a general reminder that it is getting close to changing your training cycle into more aerobic capacity-based work. These next two months are crucial to

EP460: Guiding for Mature Rams and Big Bears with Alaskan Guide Caleb Stillians

Adam visits with Caleb Stillians, an Alaskan guide that, despite his young age, is making a name for himself in both the guiding industry and as an entrepreneur in the hunting and outdoor community.

EP 459 Hard Yards Podcast – The Fable of the Tight Hamstring

For years, good hard working people have been told their hamstrings are tight and are given stretches. Rarely do we see that make a lasting difference…why is that?

EP458: Drag ‘Em Out Whole with Curt & Devin Gassoff

Nolan sits down with Curt & Devin Gassoff of the Come Out Heavy Podcast . If you’re not familiar, the Come Out Heavy boys don’t mince their words. Curt & Devin grew up in the tradition

EP457: Hard Yards Podcast – Calves tighter than a snare drum after running?

This is the fun time of year when we transition into the outdoors and start to push our aerobic capacity. For many of us, that means running or higher-intensity hiking. If your calves are a