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EP121: Guide Life & Guide Lessons with Nolan Osborne

On this episode, Adam is joined by his good friend, and colleague, Nolan who just returned from a season of guiding Stone’s sheep, mountain caribou, Rocky Mountain goats, and moose.

EP120: Moose Hunt Hot Wash

On this short but sweet episode, Adam rolls solo and discusses some new gear/equipment he put through its paces, an embarrassing “won’t make that mistake again” lesson, and one of his tried and true backcountry menu items after a recent BC moose hunt.

EP119: Thriving vs Surviving with Dustin Diefenderfer

On this show, Adam is joined by Dustin Diefenderfer of MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab in Bozeman, Montana.

It’s the time of year when cold weather and tough conditions are the norm. But, it’s also one of the best times of year to cut a tag. If you can hack it.

EP118: Tajikistan Debrief with Bryan Martin – Part 2

On this show, Adam and Bryan Martin of Asian Mountain Outfitters, pick up where they left off in Part 1.

If you’ve never experienced a double-header rodeo, this one’s worth every minute and chock-full of shooting tips.

We’ve been tight-lipped about what exactly happened on this hunt, but we disclose some solid details here in Part 2. Spoiler alert…ibex meat tastes great!

EP117: Tajikistan Debrief with Bryan Martin – Part 1

On this show, Adam is joined by Bryan Martin of Asian Mountain Outfitters.

Adam and Bryan dig deep into the JOMH crew’s experience in TJ and cover a ton of material in
this conversation.

EP116: Strain or Die with Bert Sorin

On this show, Adam is joined by his good friend and past guest Bert Sorin, the president of Sorinex Exercise Equipment.

Bert is a husband, father, former hammer thrower and Scottish Highland Games athlete, and a deeply passionate outdoorsman.

EP115: NZ Tahr Cull and the Authoritarian Left

Regardless of whether you have any interest in Himalayan tahr hunting, this issue is about far more than tahr or even NZ politics.

The lines have been drawn and our will to fight is being put to the test.

Episode 114: Tajikistan – Raw & Unfiltered

On location in Dushanbe, the evening before they head home, Adam, Matt Comment and Connor Gabbott share some lessons, laughs, and thoughts on what it was like to chase ibex on the other side of the world.

Episode 113: Inside Modern Huntsman

On this show, Adam is joined by Brad Neathery, Tyler Sharp, and Charles Post, the men behind Modern Huntsman.

Through their publication and platform, they have taken it upon themselves to focus on both the non-hunting public and the dyed in the wool hunting community. This is no small task.

Episode 112: Pre-Tajikistan Shooting Preparation

On this show, Adam is joined by John Warren of Leupold.

Adam and John recorded this conversation on location in Oregon after a full-day on the range
at the Leupold Optics Academy (LOA).

Many hunters spend the bulk of their time practicing under ideal range conditions but, as we all
know, you don’t always get the perfect shot opportunity in the field. So, with his Tajikistan ibex
hunt looming, Adam wanted to take his marksmanship to the next level.

John took Adam through a series of drills and instruction focused on field-applicable shooting
positions and the mindset required to make the most of any shot opportunity that might
present itself. This is what you’ll hear about in this episode.

John is a wealth of knowledge and brings a unique perspective to the skills and mindset
required to excel under any conditions and circumstances. Regardless of whether you carry a
rifle or bow afield, there are key takeaways for all hunters in this episode.