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EP 246: Two Decades of Reflection with Chris Denham

Adam sits down with Chris Denham of Western Hunter & Western Hunter TV, Outdoorsmans, and Wilderness Athlete to discuss two decades of publishing and producing hunting content and the lessons learned along the way.

EP 245: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Low Back Pump

Ever start hiking and your low back starts burning and feels like it’s hard as rock? Wardo dives into the cause and how to prevent it!

EP 244: Climate Change & Dall’s Sheep, with Paul Forward, Roman Dial, and Tom Lohuis

Nolan sits down with Paul Forward, Roman Dial, and Tom Lohuis to discuss the impacts of climate change on Alaska’s Dall’s Sheep population.

EP 243 – Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Chronic Plantar Fasciitis

On this episode, Wardo dives in on chronic plantar fasciitis — what it is, foot mechanics involved, and how to manage it.

EP 242: Gear Q&A Pt 2

Nolan answers the remaining questions from the audience on gear, tactics, and horses. Audience questions are always encouraged!

EP 241 – Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Unpacking Sciatica

Wardo wades into the murky waters of Sciatica — one of the most common and contentious disabilities seen in North America — what can cause it, and how to deal with it.

EP 240: Q&A with NMO

Nolan answers a variety of questions from the audience on gear, guiding, and techniques

EP 239: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Shoulder Recovery pt 1

Wardo shares the history of his shoulder injury — Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior Tear and a partial tear in his Supraspinatus — the surgery, and his path to recovery.

EP 238: The Anatomy of a Mountain Rifle, with Omer Hrbinic

Nolan sits down with Omer Hrbinic — owner of Precision Optics and BC mountain hunting sage — to discuss the makings of a “perfect” mountain rifle. This one is long, but packed with info so sit back and enjoy.

EP 237: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Building Mental Toughness with Jeremy Meredith

Wardo sits down with Jeremy Meredith from Crossfit Vernon to talk about building mental toughness in the gym.