Beyond the Kill Podcast | Journal of Mountain Hunting

Episode 65: Living A Paleo(ish) Lifestyle

On this episode, Adam is joined by Kevin Guillen and Courtney Denham from Wilderness Athlete to discuss the recent launch of their new Paleo(ish) line of products. This is not merely a product discussion however.

Episode 64: Ropes & Knots for the Mountain Hunter

On this episode, Adam will be doing a read of an article that was—until recently—exclusively available in the new print edition of The Journal of Mountain Hunting. To view a FREE digital sample of the

Episode 63: International Mountain Hunting Opportunities with Bryan Martin

On this episode, Adam is joined by Bryan Martin, owner of Asian Mountain Outfitters, and one of the most experienced and knowledgeable mountain hunters in the industry today. Bryan’s experience in the guiding and outfitting

Episode 62: Building Bridges Between Hunters and Non-Hunters

On this episode, we bring you our first “swap-cast” that was co-recorded with the guys from The Rookie Hunter podcast. Adam, Mike and Kelly are joined by Chris Barker, a seasoned mountain hunter and passionate

Episode 61: The Never Quit Mindset with George Severence

Episode 61: The Never Quit Mindset with George Severence September 8, 2017 On this episode, Adam is joined by one of the most eclectic and intriguing guests we’ve ever had on Beyond the Kill: George

Episode 60: A Brave New World with Shane Mahoney

On this episode, Adam is again joined by Shane Mahoney. In the wake of the news about the grizzly hunting ban here in BC, Adam reached out to Shane to get his thoughts on this

Episode 59: Manliness in a Modern World with Dan Doty

***WARNING SOME VERY STRONG LANGUAGE IS USED THROUGHOUT THIS EPISODE*** On this episode, Adam is joined by Dan Doty. Some of you may recognize Dan’s name from his time working on the Meateater show but

Episode 58: Grizzly Bear Hunting and the Future of Science Based Wildlife Management

As some of you may have heard, earlier this week the new provincial government of BC implemented a ban on the so-called “trophy” hunting of grizzly bears province wide. This ban goes into effect Nov.

Episode 57: The Chinks in Our Armour with Ben O’Brien of YETI

On this episode, Adam is joined by Ben O’Brien, the Hunting Marketing Manager at YETI. Ben has had the opportunity to travel the globe hunting and documenting the stories behind these incredible experiences in incredible

Episode 56: Hard Work, Ambition & Elk Hunting with Corey Jacobsen

On this episode, Adam is joined by the one and only Corey Jacobsen. As one of the most passionate elk hunters in the game today Corey needs little to no introduction. Renowned for his elk