Beyond the Kill Podcast | Journal of Mountain Hunting

Episode 55: Turning the Tables

On this episode, the tables are turned and Adam sits in the interviewee seat for a change. Longtime JOMH subscriber and BTK listener Scott Hill takes control of the microphone and digs into Adam’s background

Episode 54: You’re Not a F@$#ing Victim with Andy Stumpf

***WARNING: SOME STRONG LANGUAGE IS USED IN THIS PODCAST*** On this episode Adam welcomes retired Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf on to the show. Andy is a breath of fresh air in today’s day and age.

Episode 53: The Thin Air Life with Bert Sorin of Sorinex

On this episode Adam welcomes Bert Sorin on to the show. Bert is the co-owner and president of Sorinex, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance strength training equipment. This includes racks, rigs, barbells,

Episode 52: The Soup to Nuts Pack Podcast with Dana Gleason of MYSTERY RANCH

This episode was recorded on location at Mystery Ranch HQ in Bozeman, MT shortly after Adam received a behind the scenes tour of the MR facility. Adam sits down with Dana Gleason, the founder of

Episode 51: Why Do We Hunt?

Photo Credit: Talus Creative In this short episode, Adam is rolling solo to discuss the reasons behind the recent launch of the new bi-annual print edition of The Journal of Mountain Hunting. In the new

paradise valley fire

Episode 50: Bear Hunting

Photo Credit: Talus Creative On this episode, Adam is joined by Connor Gabbott, Steven Drake and Shaun Gee to discuss a misrepresented and misunderstood topic, both in the hunting community and mainstream media: bear hunting.

Episode 49: The Outlier with Zack & Travis Boughton of Montana Wild

Photo Credit: @montanawild On this episode, Adam is joined by Zack and Travis Boughton of Montana Wild to discuss their latest film project: The Outlier. The Boughton brothers have been producing top-notch hunting and fly-fishing films

Episode 48: The Art & Science of Boot Fitting with Schnee’s

Photo Credit: Talus Creative On this episode, we are bringing you a live on location boot fitting from the Schnee’s flagship store in Bozeman, MT. Curt Smith, President of Schnee’s, will be going through the full

Episode 47: Packs and Pack Systems with the MYSTERY RANCH Boys

On this episode, we are talking about packs, pack accessories and what’s required in a pack that you can depend on to handle the demands of the backcountry. Adam is joined by two employees of

Episode 46: Life Is Not a Dress Rehearsal with Mike Axelrad

On this episode Adam is joined by Mike Axelrad. Mike is one of the more unique and thoughtful individuals in the hunting community and has spent the past few years filming some incredible hunts in