On this episode, Adam will be doing a read of an article that was—until recently—exclusively available in the new print edition of The Journal of Mountain Hunting. To view a FREE digital sample of the article please visit the link below or go to www.journalofmountainhunting.com and click on the SHOP tab and scroll down to the VIEW TEASER section at the bottom of the page.

The article itself includes lists and illustrations of the equipment and knots discussed in this podcast so be sure to check it out after listening to the show.

If you’re a dedicated mountain hunter, you can handle yourself in the backcountry. But there is one vastly underappreciated skillset that is lacking in our community: rope handling and knot skills.

If you prefer to chase sheep, goats and mule deer in the alpine then at some point in your hunting career, you’re likely to find yourself in a position where the tools and skills covered in this podcast (and article) could save your hunt, and maybe even your life.

This is a short but highly informative episode featuring a proven system and skillset for handling less than ideal situations in the backcountry.


Posted by JOMH Editor