As some of you may have heard, earlier this week the new provincial government of BC implemented a ban on the so-called “trophy” hunting of grizzly bears province wide. This ban goes into effect Nov. 30th, 2017. 

This decision represents an utter and complete disregard for science based wildlife management and should be concerning to every hunter that believes in the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.

Virtually every news report clearly outlines the fact that this decision was not based on informed, science based data but on the emotional and uninformed whims of public opinion. An opinion that has been heavily influenced and nefariously misled by the PR campaigns of extremist NGO’s that will stop at nothing to see the legal and sustainable hunting of many big game species abolished across Canada and the US.

In this podcast, Adam tackles this decision and the underhanded PR tactics of the NGO’s that have so effectively swayed public opinion on this matter.

If you care about the future of ALL hunting opportunities this is an important episode to listen to regardless of your personal opinions on grizzly bear hunting.


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Posted by JOMH Editor