On this episode, Adam is joined by Dan Doty.

Some of you may recognize Dan’s name from his time working on the Meateater show but on this episode, we will be focused on Dan’s new venture, the EVRYMAN platform which he recently co-founded.

For our male listeners, the subjects discussed in this podcast may make you uncomfortable. But that’s the whole point. Adam and Dan dive into the complexities, struggles, and challenges of modern manhood.

What is expected of the modern man? How do we effectively address and solve the problems we all face in our careers, relationships, and inner-selves? Why do so many modern men battle depression, commit suicide and turn to substance abuse to self-medicate? Why do so many of us escape into the wilderness to find purpose and fulfillment? Dan is not afraid to tackle these questions head on.

EVRYMAN represents the culmination of Dan’s life’s work and experiences working with men, young and old, to find their way in an increasingly confusing and complex world.

As uncomfortable as that episode description may make you, this is an incredibly interesting and insightful podcast with one of the most open and interesting guys we’ve ever had on the show!

Web: www.evryman.co
Instagram: @danieldoty


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Posted by JOMH Editor