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Episode 32: Sheep Show 2017

This episode was recorded on location at Sheep Show 2017 and brings you a mix of short form interviews with various companies and personalities within the industry. Interview 1: Adam gets his first in-person look

Episode 31: Telling the WHOLE Hunting Story with Steven Drake

Photo Credit | Steven Drake Steven is without question one of the most talented photographers in the hunting business today. His emphasis on capturing the ENTIRE experience has set him apart as a true master

Episode 30: (Kind Of) Live from New Zealand

This episode is obviously not coming to you live in the strict sense BUT it was recorded live on location in NZ in two separate locations at different points in the trip. The first part

Episode 29: The NZ Hot Wash (aka Successes, Failures & Observations from NZ)

On this episode Adam goes solo with his post-hunt “Hot Wash” from New Zealand. The Hot Wash is a mainstay of many elite level military and law-enforcement units. A concerted exercise where the successes, failures

Episode 28: Hunting For The Trophy Experience with Connor Gabbott

***WARNING – THERE IS SOME VERY SPARSE BUT STRONG LANGUAGE IN THIS PODCAST*** On this episode Adam is joined by JOMH subscriber and chef Connor Gabbott, co-founder of Cedar & Sagebrush Productions. Connor came on

Episode 27: Finding Common Ground with Gray Thornton, President & CEO of The Wild Sheep Foundation

On Episode 27 Adam is joined by Gray Thornton, President and CEO of the Wild Sheep Foundation. Gray is without question one of the true leaders in the hunter-conservation movement and through his leadership WSF

Episode 26: What’s YOUR Why?

On Episode 26 Adam is joined by Kenton and Ryan Clairmont, the brothers behind Train to Hunt and the Train to Hunt Challenge. This is the motivation episode! The best gear and preparation in the

Episode 25: How to Exercise Your Apparel System with John Barklow of SITKA GEAR

On this episode Adam welcomes John Barklow, Category Manager of the Big Game line at SITKA GEAR, on to the show. Adam and John dive into the intricacies of selecting the best apparel system for

Episode 24: The Subscriber Show- Sheep Hunting, Training and Media Debacles

On Episode 24 Adam is joined by one of the JOMH’s earliest subscribers, Matt Comment. Matt is the perfect example of the kind of ambassador the modern hunting movement needs. A committed family man, a

Episode 23: The TRCP and the Future of Conservation with Whit Fosburgh

On Episode 23 of Beyond the Kill.FM Adam is joined by Whit Fosburgh, President and CEO of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP). On this episode Whit and Adam cover the history and the incredible