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Episode 20: Trad Bows and Big Bears with James Dorrett

**SOME EXPLICIT LANGUAGE IS USED IN THIS PODCAST** On this episode Adam is joined by James Dorrett, full-time hunting guide for Bolen-Lewis Outfitters and one of the Field Editors for the JOMH. Although, James didn’t

Episode 19: Putting In The Hard Yards In New Zealand with Joseph Peter

On this episode, Adam welcomes Joseph Peter on to the show. Joseph is a New Zealand based Guide-Outfitter and the owner of Hard Yards Hunting, one of New Zealand’s only free-range and wilderness hunting dedicated

Episode 18: Scotch Tasting & Deer Stalking with Byron and Darryl Pace

On this episode, Adam welcomes Byron and Darryl Pace on to the show. The Pace Bros. are the co-founders of Pace Productions UK and the hosts of Into the Wilderness, a phenomenal show they produce

Episode 17: Setting the Camo World on Fire with Kendall Card

On this episode, Adam welcomes Kendall Card on to the show. Kendall is most notably the co-founder of and, two of the most popular online retailers in the hunting business today. Kendall shares

Episode 16: Lessons From the Alaskan Frontier with Cole Kramer

On this episode, Adam welcomes renowned Alaskan Guide Cole Kramer on to the show. Cole is one of the most sought after Alaskan Brown Bear, Mountain Goat and Sheep guides in the business today. In

Episode 15: Priceless Peace of Mind with Dan Richards, CEO of Global Rescue

On this episode, Adam welcomes Dan Richards on to the show. Dan is the founder and CEO of Global Rescue a company every adventurous mountain and wilderness hunter needs to know about. For over a

Episode 14: Leaning Forward with Tim Pask

On this episode, Adam welcomes Tim Pask on to the show. Tim has lived one hell of a life outdoors and he brings an incredible attitude and perspective on fishing, hunting and life in general

Episode 13: Preparation, Precision and Navigation with Caylen Wojcik of Magpul Core

On this episode, Adam welcomes Caylen Wojcik on to the show. Caylen is the Director of Operations for Magpul Core and a USMC (Ret) Scout Sniper. Over the past few years, Magpul Industries’ training division,

Episode 12: Hunting World Class Goats and Grizzlies with Spike Lewis

On this episode of the podcast, Adam sits down for a wide-ranging conversation with Spike Lewis of Bolen Lewis Guide Outfitters. Spike and his partners, the Bolen brothers, have grown Bolen Lewis into one of

Episode 11: Why Hunting Matters in the 21st Century with Kareem Shaya

On this episode of the podcast, Adam sits down for engaging conversation with Kareem Shaya, the founder of a new online venture called Outpost. Outpost is a platform truly built for the 21st century hunter