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Episode 42: Adventures in Hunting & Podcasting with The Rookie Hunters

***WARNING: SOME EXPLICIT LANGUAGE IS USED IN THIS EPISODE*** In this episode Adam is joined by Mike and Kelly from the very popular Rookie Hunter podcast. These two guys started their refreshingly honest, very well

Episode 41: The Modern Relevance of Hunting with Shane Mahoney

In this episode Adam is joined by a guest that he has been waiting to interview for a very long time: Mr. Shane Mahoney. This is one of the most important podcasts we have, and

Episode 40: Is Solo Hunting a Modern Phenomenon?

In this episode Adam welcomes Connor Gabbott of @cedarandsagebrush back to the show. Connor is a chef by trade but more importantly loves to solo hunt and is one hell of a photographer, and film

Episode 39: Back By Popular Demand

On Episode #39 Adam welcomes Matt Comment back to the show. Matt was originally on the podcast a few months back and in that episode briefly touched on some of the nutritional changes he’d made

Episode 38: Get the Hell Outside!

Photo Credit: Steven Drake On this short “in-between-isode” Adam runs solo on a topic he feels very strongly about…when and why you should be training outdoors! Like the intro song? Listen to Karma

Gohunt Brady Miller

Episode 37: Total Immersion with Brady Miller of

Photo Credit: Steven Drake On this episode Adam is joined by Brady Miller, Digital Content Manager at and an admitted mule deer fanatic. This is one wide ranging conversation! Brady is not only a

Episode 36: Lessons Learned on A Late Season Goat Hunt

Photo Credit: Steven Drake On this episode Adam goes solo with his post-hunt “Hot Wash” from his February 2017 BC mountain goat hunt. The Hot Wash is a mainstay of many elite level military and law-enforcement

Episode 35: The Yukon Wild with Greg McHale

When it comes to hunting shows, films or videos it takes a lot to impress us. So, it’s with zero exaggeration that we say THE YUKON WILD is one of the most awe inspiring and

Episode 34: Following Your Passion into the Outdoors Industry with Heather Kelly

***WARNING: SPARSE BUT STRONG LANGUAGE IN THIS PODCAST*** What does it take to launch, grow and scale a business in the outdoors industry? How do you turn your passion and love for the outdoors into

Episode 33: Thirty Years of Experience & One Big Announcement with Chris Denham of Western Hunter Magazine & TV

Even if you don’t know the name Chris Denham, you’ll almost certainly recognize one of the many companies he’s a part of. From Western Hunter and Elk Hunter magazines, to Wilderness Athlete, The Outdoorsmans and