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Episode 72: The Only Late Season Tent You’ll Ever Need with Snowtrekker Tents

On this episode, Adam is joined by Duane and Margot Lottig, the husband and wife duo that own Snowtrekker Tents. Snowtrekker has been in the tent making business for over 20 years and arguably produce

Episode 71: The Life of A Mule Deer Junkie with Brady Miller

On this episode, Adam welcomes Brady Miller back on to the show. If you know who Brady is, you’ll know he’s a full-on mule deer junkie and on this show we focus exclusively on his

Episode 70: Augusts in Africa with Tom McIntyre

On this episode, Adam is joined by Tom McIntyre who, over his long and illustrious career as a writer and author in the hunting field, has had the good fortune to hunt all over the

Episode 69: Hiking 2,000+ Miles in Six Months with Emory Wanger of BY LAND

On this episode, Adam is joined by ex-Marine and dedicated backcountry hunter Emory Wanger. Emory is the founder of BY LAND, a web and podcast platform dedicated to helping people get the most out of

Episode 68: How to Live Unscared with Brian Mackenzie

***WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE IS USED IN THIS EPISODE*** On this episode Adam is joined by Brian Mackenzie. If you have any experience with CrossFit, you’ll likely be familiar with Brian’s work as the founder of

Episode 67: The Northern BC 2017 Post-Hunt Hot Wash

On this episode, Adam is joined by his good friend and hunting partner Matt Thompson as they conduct a post-hunt “Hot Wash” based on their recent trip into the mountains of Northern BC. The Hot

Episode 66: It’s in Our Blood with Robbie Kroger

On this episode, Adam is joined by a truly unique and passionate individual with a fascinating family history. Robbie Kroger may not be a name you’re familiar with but after this podcast there’s a good

Episode 65: Living A Paleo(ish) Lifestyle

On this episode, Adam is joined by Kevin Guillen and Courtney Denham from Wilderness Athlete to discuss the recent launch of their new Paleo(ish) line of products. This is not merely a product discussion however.

Episode 64: Ropes & Knots for the Mountain Hunter

On this episode, Adam will be doing a read of an article that was—until recently—exclusively available in the new print edition of The Journal of Mountain Hunting. To view a FREE digital sample of the

Episode 63: International Mountain Hunting Opportunities with Bryan Martin

On this episode, Adam is joined by Bryan Martin, owner of Asian Mountain Outfitters, and one of the most experienced and knowledgeable mountain hunters in the industry today. Bryan’s experience in the guiding and outfitting