This is an example of what we call a “Bushman” session as it involves minimal equipment other than a set (2) of 20kg kettlebells (KB)s and some outdoor space, ideally with a small hill or stairs nearby to complete the Farmer’s Carries.

The pull-ups are best done on a branch as it challenges your rotational stability/strength more than a fixed position bar but you can also use a ledge, beam in your garage, or anything else that you can think of. The KB caber toss obviously requires space outside, but you can substitute the KBs for a heavy sandbag or tire and do this training session in a gym as well.

As always, start with a dynamic warmup appropriate to your needs!


5 x 10 20kg KB swings (2 hand or 1 hand depending on capabilities – if 1 hand do 6 x 10 to balance right and left conditioning)

  • Hard style – look up definition here

Do the KB swings as a standalone set, ideally in 5-7 minutes then complete the following for time, one exercise after the other as a circuit for 3 individual circuits:

3 x 12 mountain climber push-ups with 20kg KB row

  • Using the KB handles instead of the ground do a deep (past parallel) push-up between the KBs and at the top of the push-up do a “mountain climber” (drive your knee to your extended elbow) followed by a row with the KB on the opposite side

3 x 5 goblet squats 20kg KB (or heavy rock) with horizontal press

  • As you descend into the squat press the KB or rock away from the body

3 x 8 – 10 pull-ups

  • Alternate grip from underhand, to overhand to alternating pulling up to R shoulder and L shoulder (facing down the branch or bar as if you were going to monkey bar from one end to the other)

3x Farmer Carries with 20kg KBs + elevation

  • Cover at least 50m distance over 30ft elevation and return or 2 flights of stairs up and down

3 x 20kg KB overhead caber toss (toss run and grab toss again)

Posted by JOMH Editor