Mountain Hunting

EP 278: Mindful Hunter – Identifying Mature Rams, with Clay Lancaster

Janke sits down with Jay Nichol of the Mindful Hunter Podcast to discuss a recent podcast he did with Clay Lancaster around field aging rams, before transitioning into that podcast itself.

EP 277: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Fuel for the Hunt with Kevin Guillen

Wardo sits down with Kevin Guillen of Wilderness Athlete to dive deep into what products Wilderness Athlete offers, and what separates them from the rest in the business. And no Bullshit folks, they are in a class of their own.

EP 275: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Countdown to Sheep – Hiking

Wardo explains limited ankle dorsiflexion — a common problem that can plague your hiking & hunting — and how to maintain strong ankles & lower legs for the pack-out season.

EP 274: Custom Rifles: Demystifying the Magic with PapWinkle

Nolan sits down with Colton Bagnoli (aka @Papwinkle) to discuss custom rifle builds. Colton is a dedicated hunter, rifleman, gunsmith, and shooting editor for Western Hunter. This is a long one, but Colton dives deep on what he looks for — and avoids — when purchasing components and building custom rifles.

EP 273: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Overhead Positioning & Pressing

On this episode, Wardo walks us through vertical and horizontal presses, common problems, and how to get your full range of motion.

EP 272: Passing on the Torch, with Peter Gutsche

On this episode, Nolan sits down with Peter Gutsche to talk about his recent family bear hunting trip, and what it means to pass on the traditions of hunting and a life in the outdoors to his children.

EP 271: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Hinge & Deadlift

On this episode, Wardo breaks down different kinds of deadlifts, hip hinges, and how to properly apply them to your training.

EP 269: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Spring Bear & Weightlifting Belts

Wardo updates us on his spring bear season thus far, before giving his thoughts on how and why you should be using a weightlifting belt, and which brands he recommends. 

EP 268: Aquatic Adventures with Alpacka Rafts

Nolan sits down once again with Thor Tingey, CEO of Alpacka Raft to talk new products, what 2020 looked like for the company, and a whole lot of adventure.

EP 266: Spring Bear, Bowhunting, and Sheep with Wardo

Nolan sits down with @drmattwarddc AKA Wardo – to check in on his archery progression, spring bear plans, and inaugural sheep hunt coming up.