On this episode, NMO sits down with Hunter Lampreau & Jeff Agostinho to discuss the evolving and contentious matter of BC’s proposed Bighorn Sheep LEH in Reg 4, and BC’s continued history of managing for access vs managing for stronger wildlife populations. Hunter & Jeff bring some invaluable insights to the table on this, and while it can seem depressing there is hope in the future of our wildlife.




BC AHTE Engagement:

The posted regulation proposals describe the current and proposed regulations, and include rationales for the regulatory change, while ensuring that the Ministry’s primary goal of conservation is maintained.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and working together to ensure that British Columbia provides world-class sustainable hunting, trapping, and fishing opportunities.

Users may view proposals without logging in, but users will now be required to log in with a BCeID to post comments.  There are 3 types of BCeID accounts (business, personal, and basic) and a person just needs a basic BCeID in order to leave comments.  If you have a current business or personal BCeID you can use those, but if you don’t, you only need to register for the basic one.

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