An Interview With Kurt Racicot, Founder of Stone Glacier Packs Selecting the appropriate pack for mountain or wilderness hunts can be a daunting task given the number of options available to today’s discerning hunter. Leaf through the pages of just about any current hunting

Expect The Unexpected – Training Principles for the Hunter Athlete

In the inaugural issue, we broadly covered the concept of the hunter athlete and how the demands of mountain, wilderness and backcountry hunting require a uniquely diverse spectrum of physical capabilities. Mountain and wilderness hunting

Timberline And Summit, By William T. Hornaday, Sc.D. The world is full of one-eyed travelers. One of the strange things about such mountains as those of British Columbia is the wide variation between the impressions which they produce upon different people. I

The Most Versatile Mountain Camo Pattern Part One – An Objective Multi-Environment Comparison

The hunting apparel industry has evolved considerably over the past few years, nowhere more so than in the mountain hunting sub-segment. Technical fabrics designed to excel in higher output hunting scenarios have been combined with

Sambar Down Under, By James Barben

This hunt began many months before driving into the Alpine National Park, northeast of Melbourne, Australia. I knew it was going to be tough both mentally and physically, in part because the terrain is steep,

Temptation at Timberline, By Justin Stark

Like many hunters, Labor Day weekend is one of the most anticipated weekends of the year for me.  It was especially so last year. As busy as I was with work, this would likely be

So You Wanna Hunt Sheep? By Dustin Roe

Sheep hunting is without question one of the most physically and mentally demanding hunting experiences available to the mountain hunter.  Whether we’re talking the snow white Dall’s of the Northwest, the ghostly Stone’s of BC and the Southern Yukon, or the heavy tipped Bighorns found North to South a mountain sheep hunt will test the skills, endurance and mental fortitude of even the most seasoned hunter. 

An Interview With Kyle Nickolite, Producer/Editor at SICMANTA Over the past few years the bar has been reset in the hunting film industry.  The days of incessant “kill porn” and repetitive, shamelessly unimaginative content are giving way to the works of a

Rise of the Hunter Athlete

In the past few years the concept of the hunter “athlete” has thankfully begun to replace the media popularized stereotype of the blood lusting, beer swilling redneck shooting deer from the lawn chair in the

Ibex Shooting In The Thian Shan Mountains, By George L. Harrison Jr. In the late winter of 1908, Chew and I decided on a shooting trip in the following summer to the Thian Shan Mountains, in Chinese Turkestan, where we knew there were many ibex—carrying the