**SOME EXPLICIT LANGUAGE IS USED IN THIS PODCAST** On this episode Adam is joined by James Dorrett, full-time hunting guide for Bolen-Lewis Outfitters and one of the Field Editors for the JOMH. Although, James didn’t grow up hunting, his passion for the mountains and his commitment to bowhunting is hard to match.

After hunting, quite successfully, with compound equipment for years James made the switch to stick and string and hasn’t looked back. This past spring, James took his newfound love for the simpler side of bowhunting to a whole other level when he drew a Northern BC grizzly tag and made a concerted effort to take his first grizzly…with a longbow.

The heartbreak, intensity and sheer wildness of the stories James shares in this episode are edge of your seat material so sit back, crack a beer or pour a scotch, and enjoy the kind of stories usually reserved for the campfire.

Instagram: @jdorrett

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