- Journal of Mountain Hunting

Pre-Season Training, Lift + Metcon

As we enter the pre-season phase of training, we start to see activities that more closely mimic those of our sport. In the specific case of backcountry athletes, that activity is hiking and rucking. Time

Easy Run, Foundations 3, Block 4

Easy runs are one of the easiest ways to deliver a potent training effect. Literally, 40-minutes start to finish, there is NO EXCUSE to skip these. 5 min in Zone 1 30 min in Zone

Total Body / Circuit, Foundations 3, Block 4

Today’s total body workout includes a bit of power training and some work getting us into and out of challenging positions. Wrap it up with some continuous work and you’ve got yourself an efficient full-body

Hill Run, Foundations 3, Block 4

Today’s hill run is bringing the intensity: 30-seconds uphill in zone 5 will be lose to an all-out pace. Try and keep your lunch down on this one as it’s going to be SPICY! 5

Squat/Pull, Foundations 3, Block 4

First day in the final rotation of our final Foundations block. We are hitting some heavier weights in the back squat, finishing with another set to failure. Remember to practice safe and responsible lifting with

Rest Day

This week I want to talk about the role of nutrition in the recovery process. If I could recommend only one adjustment to the nutrition of strength training athletes, it would be to ensure adequate

Total Body / Circuit, Foundations 3, Block 3

Total body training is about connecting the upper and lower halves of your body through functional movements. These movements often challenge you in different planes of motion (frontal and transverse). We almost always perform a

Interval Run, Foundations 3, Block 3

Long intervals give you a chance to really feel what pacing is like for these intensities. Make sure you are following the zone guide and practicing the difference between hard efforts and easy efforts. 5

Hinge/Press, Foundations 3, Block 3

Today’s set to failure is going to be in the deadlift. The deadlift is an inherently safe lift because if something goes wrong, you can simply drop the weight. This inherent safety sometimes leads to

Easy Run, Foundations 3, Block 3

Easy runs are the vegetables of our training. Rarely exciting, nobody gets particularly excited about them. These workouts carry the vitamins and minerals that our training craves, though. Do these workouts because you know they’re