- Journal of Mountain Hunting


Today’s training has two distinct pieces that are unique in their own design. First, is a gymnastics strength and stamina piece. In this piece, you’ll want to prioritize movement quality an range of motion. Treat


If you pay attention to our post labels, you’ll notice a change this week. We have concluded our In-Season training block and will now start a lengthy post-season/off-season training cycle. This training will be heavily

In-Season, Week 13, Day 7

2+ hour ruck with full pack weight, difficult terrain

In-Season, Week 13, Day 6

60-90 min ruck with full pack weight, easy terrain

In-Season, Week 13, Day 5

The push press is a fantastic exercise for learning the proper transfer of force through core to extremity. Core to extremity is a principal of functional movements in CrossFit. It means that functional movements start

In-Season, Week 13, Day 4

30-60 minutes walk or hike with no weight, easy terrain OR Rest

In-Season, Week 13, Day 3

Today’s workout has a bit more speed to it. Though most of the workout is done at an easy pace, I want you to hit your 3 sets of 1-minute HARD and fast. Get after

In-Season, Week 13, Day 2

The deadlift is regarded as the “King of Lifts”. There are few things more functional than picking something up off the floor. Though barbells can make this task more challenging than it needs to be,

In-Season, Week 13, Day 1

Rest Day. If you got after yesterday’s session as you should have, you need today off. If you live a normal life, you’re also likely back at work, and back to time at home. Take

In-Season Week 12, Day 7

Test day. Gear up and fid your limits. This week I spoke a lot about recovery and hitting your sessions. If you’re not doing something real today then you HAVE to get out and put