We have crested the proverbial summit of 2019, and are staring out at the landscape before us that is the New Year. At least in British Columbia, the options for mountain adventures are seemingly endless. Winter goat hunts, spring bears, August stone sheep, September and October mountain goat, moose, caribou. October and November sheep and goats, mule deer, coastal blacktail. Mix in a little fly fishing, light mountaineering and ski touring, and its no wonder that these trips around the sun feel increasingly shorter. The future is bright, and trip plans are starting to fall into place. 

2019 marked the fifth year for The Journal of Mountain Hunting, and it was certainly a memorable one. Since it’s humble beginnings, the Journal has grown and changed but the content has largely stayed the same — centred around a deep-rooted passion for mountains and mountain hunting. The last five years have taken us hunting across all corners of this province, as well as the mountains of the Yukon, Tajikistan, and New Zealand, and seen over 600 articles published on the platform. All of this possible through the support of you, our readers, and the sponsors we have worked with over the years. For this we are grateful, and we are excited to continue into a new year and decade.

But what is the purpose of a new year, if not to reflect on the past? In previous years, we have put out our “Top Gear of the Year” articles, and while these certainly have merit, the culmination of a decade begs for something more than a listicle of cool gear we think you should try. As our volume of content is evergrowing, often articles getting buried in the depths like hidden gems, waiting to be rediscovered. With reflect in mind, we have brought to the surface some of the standout articles of the past.

May the next decade bring you a wealth of memories shared around campfires, mountain summits, and sweat-soaked packouts.

  • The Team at The Journal of Mountain Hunting


  1. The Offseason – Coley Gentzel
  2. Why Bother – Adam Janke
  3. So You Wanna Hunt Sheep – Dustin Roe
  4. Avalanche Assessment & Mountain Hunting – Ben Reynolds
  5. Mountain Shooting Fundamentals By Caylen Wojcik



  1. Episode 3: Long Range Hunting and Ethics with Aaron Davidson CEO of Gunwerks LLC
  2. Episode 10: Why The Message Matters With Adam Foss

  3. Episode 99: The Reasons We Hunt with Aaron Hitchins of Rockhouse Motion

  4. Episode 110: This Might Be the Episode of the Year
  5. EP122: The Expedition Mindset with Polar Explorer John Huston


Posted by Nolan Osborne