In Episode 3 of the Beyond The Kill podcast we welcome Aaron Davidson, founder and CEO of Gunwerks LLC. Aaron is an expert and thought leader in all things long range shooting and hunting. Gunwerks’ educational material, cutting edge equipment and unwillingness to rest on their laurels truly sets them apart from their competitors. If you’re considering exploring any aspect of this realm this is a must listen episode!

Aaron and I go deep on the subject of long range shooting and hunting, including the ethical question of how far is too far? We cover the engineering and design of modern long range rifle systems, optics and ballistics and even get into some case studies that may just change your outlook on this contentious topic.

Aaron is an engaging and incredibly knowledgeable guest and it was a true pleasure to interview him. To learn more about Gunwerks’ rifles, optics or their educational opportunities check out the links below.

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Posted by JOMH Editor