On this episode, Adam is joined by Aaron Hitchins, one of the guys at Rockhouse Motion. They are, without a doubt, one of the best in the business when it comes to film and photography production in the hook and bullet and outdoor recreation space.

Aaron wears many hats at Rockhouse and he and Adam spend some time talking about what a job like his entails. If you have any interest in what it’s like to work in the hunting media business, you’ll want to tune in.

But perhaps more interestingly, Adam and Aaron went to the same high school AND the same university. They were separated by a few years, so their paths never crossed. Until now. It’s a pretty striking fact that two guys, from rural Ontario, in their own roundabout ways, ended up in the hunting media business. But it speaks to the importance of hunting and the outdoors in the Ottawa Valley where they grew up.

Adam and Aaron spend some time talking about their upbringing in small-town Eastern Ontario, what the hunting culture was like back home and share some laughs and memories about that idyllic setting.

They then dive into a more serious conversation about the justifications we, as a community, put forth for hunting. Aaron and Adam both believe that the reasons we give for hunting and the labels we attach to ourselves and others in the hunting fraternity are not to be taken lightly.

This is a great conversation covering many aspects of the hunting lifestyle.



Posted by Nolan Osborne