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In-Season, Week 11, Day 3

Light and fast is the theme for Wednesday. You never know when you’re going to have to haul ass so it’s best to be prepared. 60-90 minute ruck with 25% pack weight, difficult terrain Or

In-Season, Week 11, Day 2

Today’s warm-up is going to get those hip rotators warm and active. Focus on exploring full range of motion at the hips on all three exercises. 20-minutes at an easy pace: 10 reps per side,

In-Season, Week 11, Day 1

Rest Day. Hopefully you were either out on the hunt or scouting this weekend. Share with us whatever you did. Was it a tough route or a nasty hunt? We want to hear about it

In-Season, Week 10, Day 7

2+ hour ruck with full pack weight, difficult terrain

In-Season, Week 10, Day 6

60-90 min ruck with full pack weight, easy terrain

In-Season, Week 10, Day 5

3 rounds, for quality: 10 reps alternating scorpion stretch 10 reps table top stretch 10 reps per side, side-lying press 3 sets, heavy across: 8 bar dips 90-seconds rest between sets *Adjust the difficulty to

In-Season, Week 10, Day 4

Today is a recovery day. If you have the time, then move your body. If you don’t have time for training, then prioritize some preparation. When was the last time you dry-fired your rifle or

In-Season, Week 10, Day 3

Today is all about moving fast. Ideally, we want to be specific and train with the pack. But, if you can’t get out with the pack then an interval run is always a great stand-in.

In-Season, Week 10, Day 2

For today’s warm-up, set up two cones that are spaced apart by 10-feet. Without crossing your feet, shuffle side-to-side between the cones for 30-seconds. This is a great exercise to help with lateral stability and

In-Season, Week 10, Day 1

Rest Day. We are deep into the season now, and I’m sure a lot of you have bagged a few critters worth sharing. Upload your pictures to social media and tag us. Let us know