A Tag Unfilled – An Expedition Unspoiled, By Bryan Judge

Before the hunt even began I “knew” how it was going to end. Harvesting a Dall sheep in three days, tops. Relaxing by a fire, salivating over fresh sheep chops that dripped fat onto sunset

King Of The Crags, By James Dorrett

JAMES’ BC BILLY OFFICIALLY TIED FOR 2ND ALL TIME POPE AND YOUNG Shards of ice began to rain from above, followed by thunder. Within seconds my heart sank as I watched rocks tumble downward across

Condition of Wild Life in Alaska – From Boone and Crockett Club’s “Hunting at High Altitudes” The opening of the twentieth century found the game in the old territories of the United States well on the road toward the conditions that precede extinction. The bison had been practically gone for

Sheep Fever Part 1, By Frans Diepstraten

This story was written a few years after my first two seasons of sheep hunting. It reflects the knowledge and experience I had at the time. I don’t adhere anymore to everything that I wrote

Sheep Fever Part 2, By Frans Diepstraten

Continued from Sheep Fever Part 1… Ken and I spent several lunches discussing good areas. Spots that looked good to me on the map would be dismissed with a single observation from Ken: “Too many

Mountain And Manes, By Andrew Harvey

Like most mountain dwelling animals Tahr are an extremely addictive species to hunt, and as they should be. With their amazing coat, long manes, short thick horns, fantastic edibility and all around tenacity they not

Initiation Of A Bowhunter, By Benjamin Cohen, USMC

My personal bowhunting story is an unconventional one filled with both defeat and success, a story I’m sure many new bowhunters will identify with. I often find myself thinking about why I wanted to start

The Dangerous River, Excerpt from Chapter Two – South Nahanni River I overslept and was roused at six by the sun, which was blazing down, as usual, out of a cloudless sky. A little after seven I hit the river and poled on up the

The Thunder Rolls – David Marsh’s Stance on Wolves

Out of sight we belly crawled to the top of a four foot snow drift. There, ranged at 200 yards, lay a pack of seven wolves curled up in the snow. We had already eased

Plan Like a Pro – An Excerpt From Larry Bartlett’s Upcoming Book Float Draggin’ Alaska My reputation as a Hunt Planner depends on my ability to plan like a professional, since each season many groups entrust me to remove the burden and unknowns of reaching Alaska and securing a