On this episode Adam is joined by Mike Axelrad. Mike is one of the more unique and thoughtful individuals in the hunting community and has spent the past few years filming some incredible hunts in some incredible places.

His most recent film, MERA SAFAR, is the story of his adventure hunting in one of the more politically misunderstood countries on the planet: Pakistan.

Adam and Mike cover a variety of topics and Mike’s thoughts and insights on the narratives we need to focus on in hunting film and media are not to be missed. If you have not heard of or taken the time to watch MERA SAFAR, this film is a must-watch by every measure. Beautifully filmed, incredibly well written and with a message that sets it apart from every other “hunting film” available today.

Regardless of whether you ever intend to hunt internationally or not, this film is worth setting aside the time to watch!


Instagram: @badaxe60


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Posted by JOMH Editor