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EP 210: Northern BC Dream Hunt

On this episode, recorded on location lakeside in Northern BC, Adam, Wardo, Lorne and James debrief on their recent adventure that was packed with action, laughs and some serious weather.

EP 209: From Pro Football to Mountain Hunting with Joe Eppelle

On this episode, Adam visits with retired pro football lineman Joe Eppele to discuss the comparisons between football and mountain hunting, luck vs preparation, grit vs fitness, and some of the lessons they’ve learned over the course of their hunting careers.

EP 208: Hunting is Life with CANIS

On this episode, Adam interviews Ryan Efurd, the founder of CANIS, to discuss his path as a hunter, athlete and businessman and how those worlds are inextricably linked.

EP 207: Conservation During COVID with Gray Thornton

On this episode, Adam visits with Gray Thornton, President & CEO of the Wild Sheep Foundation, to discuss the impacts of COVID and COVID-related restrictions on WSF’s annual conservation and fundraising efforts.

EP 206: The Most Unique Ram You’ll Likely Ever See with Ben Stourac

On this episode, Adam has Ben Stourac of Arcadia Outfitting back on the show to share the story of “Quasi Moto”, the Stone ram he recently harvested in Northern BC.

EP 205: Chasing Ghosts and Crying In the Backcountry

On this episode, Adam sits down with Wardo to discuss his recent solo scouting trip into the BC backcountry. After covering 40-plus kilometers (25 miles) in a single day and learning a few things along the way, Wardo may be ready to become a full-time truck hunter…

EP 204: A Master Class In Clothing Systems with Rick Elder of BEYOND CLOTHING

On this episode, Adam catches up with Rick Elder, CEO of Beyond Clothing, a company that Adam’s had the good fortune of working with for a few years now.

EP 203: Slinging Lead (and Bourbon) with Colton Bagnoli

On this episode, Adam visits with Colton Bagnoli aka “Pap Winkle” on IG, which should tell you all you need to know about his tastes in whiskey. Colton is a writer for Western Hunter, experienced rifleman and lawman, custom gunsmith extraordinaire, and all-around great dude.

EP 202: A Bear Named Chevron, with Ben Stourac

  On this episode, Nolan sits once again with Ben Stourac, sheep guide, owner, and outfitter of Arcadia Outfitting. Ben is always a welcome guest on the show, and this time he shares the story

EP 201: Lightweight Reliability, with Adam Smith

On this episode, Nolan sits down with Adam Smith, AK resident, dedicated backcountry hunter, and good friend. The discussion is focused on Adam’s experiences and experimentation with lightweight — but dependable — systems for BC,