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The King Is Dead

This is the age of ultralight. Virtually every piece of kit the mountain hunter needs to take afield has been stripped down to weights unimaginable a decade ago. But without the adequate fuel to keep

An Interview With Remi Warren, Host of Apex Predator In our opinion there are few things as inspiring as the stories of those willing to take the path less traveled. The history books are full of examples of explorers, prospectors, pioneers, and

Long Range About Face, By Editor In Chief Adam Janke

In the past few years the hunting industry has seen a particularly divisive trend emerge from the fringes to gain mainstream status. From rifles to optics and accessories, the long range shooting and hunting phenomenon

An Interview With Gray Thornton, CEO Of Wild Sheep Foundation Conservation in the modern sense can be a counter intuitive concept to many non-hunters. The idea that those that spend a large portion of their year planning, researching and preparing to kill the very

In Search Of Tenkara, By Daniel W. Galhardo, Founder Of Tenkara USA I was clinging to mossy rock with half my body under a waterfall. Fifty feet below, the torrent crashed into a small basin sending mist into the air, keeping my companions soaked. Mr. Futamura, watched

The Women Of Weatherby, By Rachel Ahtila Throughout history, both men and women have played prominent roles in the wild history of North America. A number of women’s skills and enthusiasm for the shooting and outdoor sports has been well documented

An Interview with Heather Kelly, Founder of Heather’s Choice Food. Not only is it a biological necessity, but a true deal breaker in the backcountry. For mountain and wilderness hunters, there’s a constant cost benefit analysis being played out between weight and calories

The Bear Essentials

For some of you, spring means gobbling toms, box calls and tightly patterned shotguns. But for those of us that live west of the foothills and peaks of the Rockies spring can also mean a

A Jihad By Any Other Name, Op-Ed By Adam Janke, Editor In Chief

It’s bear season here in BC and with it comes the perennial anti-bear hunting rhetoric and misinformation spewed forth by the self-deluding “conservation” movement. In the news, on the radio, and on their respective websites

An Interview with Brad Christian, Brand & Content Manager of Mathews Archery There are some companies that need no introduction, and unless you’ve never even looked at a bow in your life Mathews is one of those companies. In an age of apps, smartphones, and constant