Lead Bullets: Hunting for Clarity in a Controversy, By Mike McTee

Tanner and I descended into an alpine bowl after a group of white-tailed deer hidden just below treeline. He skirted around the bottom of the timber, hoping to get a shot. Instead, he bumped a

7MM-08 BEATS 308 WIN! By Ron Spomer

We’d like to thank Ron Spomer of Ron Spomer Outdoors for allowing us to re-publish this piece that originally appeared on his website Ron’s experience in this industry is bar none and their web

Well Crap, Now What? By Jeremy Winters

Have you ever been there? A fall, trip, slip, broken piece of equipment sends your rifle into the mud, dirt or rocks. It happened to me years back and I decided that I needed a

Bow Sights Built for the Backcountry, By Beau Martonik

How important is your bow sight to your hunting capabilities? I am not one of those people that believe better gear makes you a better hunter, but I do believe that your gear needs to

The Dynamic Re-Warming Drill

Feature Image Credit: Steven Drake As mountain hunters, we are conditioned to brave the elements. This is precisely why our apparel systems receive so much attention. If we put aside the endless debates and divisions

How to Choose Your Performance Apparel System, By Beau Martonik

The performance hunting clothing world has blown up in recent years, allowing hunters to create the ultimate system or systems for their unique needs. We are in an exciting time, but it can be tough

Traditional Archery 101, By Ian Feir

There has never been a better time to take up traditional archery. Simply stated, the online resources available to the new single-string archer are vast and bordering on limitless; however, as with all things on

Tradbow vs Compound – Why Are We Fighting? By Frans Diepstraten

Editors Note: We’d like to thank Frans Diepstraten for allowing us to re-publish this excellent piece. If you’re interested in traditional archery, mountain hunting, fitness and backcountry nutrition then head over to to find

Is 6.5 the New 7?

Editor’s Note: We’d like to thank our friends at the Boone & Crockett Club for allowing us to re-publish this excellent piece from Wayne Van Zwoll originally found in the Winter 2016 edition of Fair

The Forgotten Half: Part 2 By Tony Bynum

Feature Image Photo Credit Connor Gabbott To capture unforgettable images, a great lens is at least as important as the camera. Here in Part 2 of The Forgotten Half, Tony provides his specific recommendations on what