Hunting History

American Buffalo – Chapter 10, by Steven Rinella

By the summer of 1872, literally thousands of buffalo hunters had converged on the Great Plains. They had (or would soon earn) names like Buffalo Bill Comstock, Buffalo Bill Cody, Cross Eyed Joe, Apache Bill,

Memories of a Bear Hunter – 1876 By Colonel Wm. D. Pickett

  My stay at Fort Peck lasted for about a month—from July 29 to August 27, on which day I left by the steamer Key West to go further up the river. This was the

World’s Record Dall’s Sheep Harry L. Swank, Jr. Alaska Dall’s Sheep – Current Rank #1 – 1961

As I snugged the .264 against my shoulder, the great Dall’s ram moved closer to the edge of the ridge and peered down curiously. Instinctively I brought the crosshairs to bear, but as my finger

The Wilderness of the Upper Yukon Chapter XIII – The Pelly Mountains

CHAPTER XIII THE PELLY MOUNTAINS – 1905 July 22.—The next day was very hot, and after sifting out provisions for the trip and arranging a pack for Danger to carry, we spent the rest of

Outdoor Chronicles: True Tales of a Lifetime of Hunting and Fishing, By Jerry Hamza

Cottontails . . . or Beating the Winter Blues “I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.” —Albert Einstein My shotguns reflect who I am as

The Sagamore Hill Award Some of us are dreamers, in admiration—occasionally in awe—of the doers of the world. The challenges of life, the prioritization of making ends meet and satisfying the needs of others, often trump the

The Trip To The Ogilvie Rockies – From B&C Club’s Classics “The Wilderness Of The Upper Yukon” The mountain sheep of America are among the noblest of our wild animals. Their pursuit leads the hunter into the most remote and inaccessible parts of the wilderness and calls into play his

American Buffalo, By Steven Rinella

The hide boom only lasted a dozen years before the buffalo ran out. The first big hunting push was in the vicinity of Dodge City. In 1871, the first big year, the hide hunters killed

The Final Stalk – From Boone and Crockett Club’s Classics “The Wilderness Of The Upper Yukon” August 2. – We rose late, to find the sun brightly shining. Rungius soon started to look at his caribou carcass; Osgood and Gage went to get the meat of Osgood’s ram. I

Magic Moment, By L. Victor Clark From The B&C Club’s “Big Trophies, Epic Hunts” In the early 70s I started hunting mule deer in the Pine Forest Range located in northern Nevada. Starting in 1973, every year for 20 years my wife Margie and I would spend