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Once They Were Numerous, By Mark Trousdell

Located within the Central Cariboo Region of British Columbia, Canada, at the confluence of the Chilcotin and Fraser Rivers, the Junction Sheep Range Provincial Park (Junction Park) consists of a diverse landscape, rolling grasslands, river

Breaking News: Deadly Pathogen Confirmed for First Time in Alaska Dall’s Sheep and Mountain Goats

On March 13th, 2018, the Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) was notified by Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) officials that Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae (commonly referred to as M.ovi) has been documented in at least 4

The Great Debate: To Score Or Not To Score, By Nolan Osborne

To classify all hunters with one broad stroke of a brush would be akin to using the term “mammal” as a descriptor for every ungulate in British Columbia. Certainly this term is not incorrect; it

Short Stories About Sagamore Hill Award Winners, By Hanspeter Giger

Sagamore Hill Award-winning trophies are broadly represented throughout this book. After all, the award was originally given for the highest-scoring antlers, horns, or skull of a given species recorded under the Boone and Crockett Club’s

Mexico’s Wild Desert Sheep, By Alberto Tapia Landeros

Since boyhood I had heard and read stories about sheep hunting. My favorite storyteller was, and is, Mr. Jack O’Connor. In my early life as a hunter, I knew I would never have the chance

To The Selwyn Rockies – From B&C Club’s Classics “The Wilderness of the Upper Yukon”

The North Fork of the MacMillan varies in width from seventy-five to two hundred feet. The current races in numerous rapids around sharp curves, from five to eight miles an hour, often along wide bars,

Augusts in Africa – Buff!, By Tom McIntyre

  They saw the buffalo after killing the elephant. The PH switched off the engine and eased out of the battered olive Land Rover, carrying his binocular. His hunter slipped out on the other side,

The Finest Ever Taken — Frank Cook’s Alaska 1956 Dall Sheep — #2 B&C All-Time

  The sheep were on the bare steep slope of a mountain four or five miles away, and even through the binoculars they looked like no more than five small white specks. “It’s too late

Camp-Fire Tales From Boone & Crockett Club’s Classics Camp-Fires in the Canadian Rockies

  Who is there who does not love a good story, told to eager and sympathetic listeners beside a generous camp-fire! Show me a man who does not, and I will show you a man

The Old Warrior, by Fred Peters

Central Arizona may seem an unlikely place to hunt black bear, but bear do inhabit the brush and cactus covered mountains and canyons, and an inordinate number of them reach the huge proportions that hunters