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EP 296: Stone’s Sheep Hunt Hot Wash

On this episode, Janke and Wardo share lessons, highlights, and lowlights from their recent sheep hunt. From gear to skills and mindset, there’s something for everyone in this episode.

EP 240: Q&A with NMO

Nolan answers a variety of questions from the audience on gear, guiding, and techniques

EP149: The Barrier of Entry with Connor Gabbott

Nolan Osborne sits down with Connor Gabbott of Talus Creative to discuss common barriers of entry to backcountry hunting — locations and gear — and the perceived importance of them to new hunters.

EP 145: Making the Best Tents Possible with Petra Hilleberg

On this show Adam visits with Hilleberg Group CEO, Petra Hilleberg, to take a deep dive on how they continue to produce the best tents available today.

Tajikistan Top Picks, by Matt Comment

There are countless websites, blogs, podcasts, videos, and articles dedicated to the use and review of it. I have seen grown men get into fist fights over the pants that they wear and who made

Backcountry Stoves & Wood Burning 101, By Kevin Timm

How long will a small wood tent stove burn? How long will the stove keep a tent warm? Because there are so many variables to these questions, it is nearly impossible to provide a concrete

The Ultimate Backcountry Tent

I’ve been intrigued by tipi-tents since I first learned about them years ago. I’m an absolute sucker for the stories of exploration and settlement of the North American continent so the concept of a time

Suunto Core ALU

The Minimalist Mountain Hunter’s Watch

The digital age has spawned a vast number number of tools, gadgets and devices catered to the outdoor market. Some of these devices are hard to imagine living without but most are far from essential.

Long Range About Face, By Editor In Chief Adam Janke

In the past few years the hunting industry has seen a particularly divisive trend emerge from the fringes to gain mainstream status. From rifles to optics and accessories, the long range shooting and hunting phenomenon

In Search Of Tenkara, By Daniel W. Galhardo, Founder Of Tenkara USA I was clinging to mossy rock with half my body under a waterfall. Fifty feet below, the torrent crashed into a small basin sending mist into the air, keeping my companions soaked. Mr. Futamura, watched