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Where the Rubber Meets the Road

To date, we’ve published over thirty different articles covering our theories and opinions on training for extended mountain and backcountry hunting. It’s a topic we’re deeply passionate about and for good reason. In many cases,

Opening the Loop

We’ve devoted a lot of material in this column to the concept of dynamic environments and why mountain hunters must keep this concept front of mind when planning and building their training programs. If this concept

I Am A 12-Percenter – Are You?, By Vik Khanna

Editor’s Note: We’d like to thank our friends at StrongFirst for allowing us to re-publish this excellent piece. StrongFirst is the “School of Strength” and is the worldwide leader in instruction and certification in the safe

Altitude Sickness, By Ryan Clairmont

Feature Image Photo Credit Dave Anderson Photography Relevance Every year 30 million people find themselves in Resort towns 6500-9800 feet. Tens of thousands of climbers, trekkers, and skiers worldwide ascend to elevations from 9800ft to 18,000ft,

Chaos Theory, By Adam Janke

Let’s start with a hypothetical case study to illustrate the importance of this month’s subject matter… It’s the third week of September. The elk rut is in full swing. As dawn breaks you and your

Ready For Anything

It’s here. The season is upon us. Months if not years of planning and preparation have been dedicated to NOW. This is when it all comes together. We can talk about it, read about it,

When Tension Is A Beautiful Thing, By Dr. Michael Hartle, Chief SFL

No, this isn’t a psychology lesson on stress. I am neither discussing different types of headaches, nor the strength properties of a barbell and its ability to resist bending and becoming permanently deformed. I am

Stress Testing

If you’re reading this and headed North of the 60th parallel in the coming weeks I wish you the best of luck. For you, this month’s Mountain Fitness article will hopefully be confirmation of a

So You Still Wanna Look Good Naked Eh?

In the first installment of this discussion on “pure” strength training versus a hypertrophy based approach we dug in on the qualitative differences between the two approaches. In Part 2 here, we’re going to dive


So You Wanna Look Good Naked Eh?

Let’s be honest, most of us that give two shits about fitness on some level want to look good naked. It would be a bold faced lie to suggest otherwise. Need proof? Next time you’re