So You Still Wanna Look Good Naked Eh?

In the first installment of this discussion on “pure” strength training versus a hypertrophy based approach we dug in on the qualitative differences between the two approaches. In Part 2 here, we’re going to dive


So You Wanna Look Good Naked Eh?

Let’s be honest, most of us that give two shits about fitness on some level want to look good naked. It would be a bold faced lie to suggest otherwise. Need proof? Next time you’re

The Secret to Fitness Success

We’re going to make a confession. Despite having very strong opinions on how to optimally train for mountain hunting, if you’re doing any form of physical training at this point in the year, you’re ahead

Mountain Ready

When it comes to achieving our goals in the great outdoors the training philosophies that have been around for decades if not centuries rule the day. Unless you’re actually bodybuilding for competition purposes consider that

Get the F@#K Outside

It happens every year but it still pisses us off. Riding the resolution wave, a higher than average number of hunting fitness posts have been popping up on the web and social media over the

There Is No Off-Season

The word “season” has many uses in the English language. If we think about it within the context of change specifically it gives us an excellent frame of reference for how we should think about

Train For Suboptimal Conditions

There’s a reason so many of us obsess over our apparel and layering systems. Mother Nature can be an utter and complete bitch. For most of us, spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on

Train Movements Not Muscles

Each and every one of us was born to move. For millennia our nomadic ancestors covered vast tracts of land in search of sustenance. Using our uniquely human physical abilities and intelligence we became the


Training vs Exercising

This month’s installment of Mountain Fitness will be relatively brief, and for good reason. We’ve spent the past 12 months explaining why in our opinion a conventional approach to training simply does not prepare you


What is fitness? Webster’s Dictionary defines fitness as the quality or state of being fit but this is an incredibly simple way to describe a complex concept. Many in the training and fitness world now