To date, we’ve published over thirty different articles covering our theories and opinions on training for extended mountain and backcountry hunting. It’s a topic we’re deeply passionate about and for good reason. In many cases, both mental and physical fitness will be the deciding factor between success and failure on a multi-day backpack hunt.

That said, there’s a time for talk and a time for action. Now is the time for action.

Over the next three issues of the JOMH we’re going to publish three separate one-week programs so you can see how we put theory into practice. These programs will tackle three different approaches, or if you want to get technical phases of training:

  • Strength focus
  • Hybrid strength/endurance focus
  • Home/garage/outdoor multi-modal fitness focus

In a perfect world, a well-rounded mountain hunting training program would include ALL three of these approaches (or phases) over a six to nine-month period, or longer depending on your training background. Each of these “teasers” can be completed as-is or used as frameworks to design your own program to meet your specific needs.

If you decide to give these a try know your own limits and don’t try anything you’re not capable of. Basically, don’t be stupid and don’t blame us if you bite off more than you can chew.

If you’re unfamiliar with some of the lifts, go to the MTNSTRONG channel on YouTube HERE for a selection of video tutorials.

It should be no surprise to our longtime readers that we’ll start with a strength focused program. If you’re new to the JOMH and specifically this column we’d strongly suggest the following articles for context as to why we start with a “pure” strength emphasis:

And now the program:


Want more? Try our 8 week downloadable programs available at MTNSTRONG.COM


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