The Must Have Winter Goat Hunt Gear List, By Adam Janke

Hunting during the prime months of the year—August through October—can have its challenges, but for the most part, the gear list is reasonably straightforward. Depending on species and location, there are a variety of ways to skin the proverbial cat, regardless of the budget you’re working with.

East Meets West – How and Where to Train, By Beau Martonik

Growing up in the Appalachian Range of Pennsylvania, I’ve chased whitetails, turkeys, and coyotes my entire life. I never realized how lucky I was to live in the largest National Forest in Pennsylvania, and hunt public land “mountain” whitetails every year.

The Hunter’s Guide to Crampons & Universal Traction Devices, By Adam Janke

Mountain hunting requires that the hunter, and his or her gear, can handle a wide mix of terrain and weather conditions. From the early season to the depths of winter, we must be prepared to survive—and adapt—to everything from layer peeling heat and constant sun exposure, to frigid glassing sessions in subzero temperatures with nothing more than a stunted alpine fir for a windbreak.

Pimping Your Boots for Winter, By Joseph Peter

Spring is well on its way down here in the South, and we prepare for the flush of freezer-filler yearlings and blonde bull tahr. For our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, snow is starting to

An Interview with Curt Smith, President of Schnee’s By Adam Janke

In last month’s Roam column, we shared the new boot line-up and classification system recently released by Schnee’s. An approach to boot design that I feel is a major progressive step (I know, I know)

A Boot for Every Situation, By Adam Janke

Let’s be honest, boot shopping can be a frustrating and laborious experience. Unless you’re lucky enough to live near a retailer that is both hunting focused and fully committed to the boot fitting process, the

The Top 3 Reasons to Release Your Feet Every Day

  Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on It provides some excellent insights as to why our feet deserve our full and constant attention. If you’re looking for products that are effective, well-built and

The Ultralight DIY Blister Kit,By Adam Janke

All Photos Credit Steven Drake of Annuli Collective In a perfect world, you won’t need the information contained within this article. If you’ve spent the appropriate time researching, testing and validating your boot and sock

The Five Commandments of Boot Shopping, By Adam Janke

Cover Photo Credit Connor Gabbott of Talus Creative. Since releasing the Art and Science of Boot Fitting podcast a few weeks ago, I’ve been getting a ton of emails and questions about this critical topic.

Sole Searching, By Adam Janke

  In last month’s Roam article, we dissected the Schnee’s Granite 4, clarifying the finer points of performance mountain boot construction. The next logical step—pun intended—is to focus on the intrinsic environment of a hunting