Mountain Fitness


What is fitness? Webster’s Dictionary defines fitness as the quality or state of being fit but this is an incredibly simple way to describe a complex concept. Many in the training and fitness world now


Terms like WOD, HIIT, Tabata and Work Capacity have become commonplace in training and conditioning discussions over the past few years. CrossFit and many other spin-offs have popularized these types of programs and indoctrinated the

Train The Way You Hunt

Let’s be crystal clear on something right from the get-go, there is zero replacement for time in the field. One only needs to read the historical accounts of the explorers, trappers and prospectors of the

Plan Like A Predator

In the past two Mountain Fitness articles we’ve covered two incredibly important topics that feed directly into setting your training goals for the season. As outlined in Training with Purpose, it is essential to identify

The Fountain Of Youth

In last month’s Training With Purpose article we outlined the importance of weighing your goals and objectives against the realities of time and actual enjoyment. This purpose should drive all decisions in regards to the

Training With Purpose

In today’s age we have no shortage of options. At the click of a button or the flick of a thumb we can browse a near endless array of sources and information on any given

Training The Mind

As discussed in Expect the Unexpected, effectively training for extended forays (5 days+) into the mountains or wilderness in search of game has few parallels in the conventional sporting or athletic sense. The demands on

The Turkish Get Up – One Lift To Rule Them All

As noted in The 3 Most Important Lifts for the Hunter article, there are few exercises or lifts that target as many movements and muscle groups in one repetition as the Turkish Get-Up (TGU). In

The Farmer’s Carry – King Of Weighted Carries

The farmer’s carry is a missing ingredient in many individual’s strength programs. The utter simplicity of walking with heavy weight and perfect posture can have profound effects on building muscle and solidifying a bullet proof

The Deadlift Deconstructed

Over the next three Mountain Fitness columns we’re going to break down the lifts we outlined in last month’s “The 3 Most Important Lifts for the Hunter” article. But before we dive into the deadlift