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Share Bowhunting, By Cam Foss

“Bow bullet go right through?” Sanjar, my friend and guide, whispered while we watched the big sweeping horned billie stumble off his rocky throne, across the snow into the cliffs. Sanjar always referred to arrows

An Interview with Mark Paulsen, Founder of Wilderness Athlete

  The nutritional and sports supplement industry isn’t exactly known for its authenticity. Facts and science more often than not take a backseat to buzz words, eye-catching packaging and trendy, easy to remember product names.

Blazing Trail – An Interview with Keith Balfourd, B&C Club’s Director of Marketing

Where does one start when introducing an organization so historically significant as the Boone & Crockett Club? Every single one of us, from East Coast to West Coast and from North to South has the


Interview With LifeStraw

When traveling in the backcountry water represents both a savior and a burden. We depend on water to sustain ourselves, yet at the same time it represents extra weight and volume that demands space in

An Interview With Steven Rinella

Meat – it’s why many of us hunt today and it’s why our ancestors hunted thousands upon thousands of years ago.  In most scientific circles, the consumption of meat is held responsible for the growth

An Interview With Remi Warren, Host of Apex Predator

  www.remiwarren.com In our opinion there are few things as inspiring as the stories of those willing to take the path less traveled. The history books are full of examples of explorers, prospectors, pioneers, and

An Interview With Gray Thornton, CEO Of Wild Sheep Foundation

www.wildsheepfoundation.org Conservation in the modern sense can be a counter intuitive concept to many non-hunters. The idea that those that spend a large portion of their year planning, researching and preparing to kill the very

Beyond The Kill At Sheep Show

As a member of multiple hunter conservationist organizations, I like to consider myself up to date on just how much time, energy and financial resources hunters actually put back into wildlife and their habitats. For