Mystery Ranch Archives - Journal of Mountain Hunting

Shalas’áaw – Tlingit For “Deer With Full-Grown Antlers” By Casey McConnell

Having explored most of the mountains near our homes, my hunting partner and I were ready for the challenge of unfamiliar terrain. Pictures and online videos of huge bucks — for Sitka Blacktails at least

A Brooks Range Dream Come True, By Steve Opat

How does a bowhunter respond when his dream animal has pinned him down, and is staring through his soul from twenty-two yards away? Slowly, the animal — uncertain of what he saw move — circles

Brotherly Love, By Steve Shannon

“Don’t drown him; Mom will be pissed.” The backpack straps dug deep into my shoulders and the black flies flew like kamikaze pilots into my eyes and ears. It was all I could keep telling

Almost, By Erik Kline

“Make sure you pick your weather; nothing’s worse than getting all the way in there and being stuck in the tent for a week.” Those words kept echoing in my mind as the lightning lit

Hooked, By Kurt Martonik

I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t think about sitting on that ridge nearly every day since returning. Getting hammered by the blistering wind, trying to keep my eyes focused on the

My First Sheep Hunt, By Peter Gutsche

In August of 1994, Dad took my brother and I on a month-long road trip to Alaska. I was only 11 then, but it changed my life. The Cassiars, Kluane, Denali, and the Kenai left

In The Hall Of The Mountain King – Part 2, By Coley Gentzel

One was good-sized. We had to get closer and put the big glass on them. The next hour was agonizing as we crept down the ridge just off the crest, being careful not to roll

Hunting is Killing, By Paul C. Fast

“So, you’re a hunter. You catch anything lately?” I live in the city, and in the city, this is the question I get asked most often once my dark secret has been uncovered. I used

Miracle on the Mountain,By Nathan French

It all started at the early age of eleven. After immigrating to Canada from England, I was quickly introduced to the hunting lifestyle that beautiful British Columbia had to offer. Moving opposite a taxidermy shop,

Bears on the Beach, By James Dorrett

2017 didn’t exactly start out as I’d planned. I took time off guiding to work construction across the country in Newfoundland and never in the past few years have I ever been so out of