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Three for Three – A February Goat Hunt, By Blake Rothschild

February is not your typical month to head afield in search of big game. However, in Alaska we are blessed with the opportunity to hunt mountain goats as late as March in some areas. But

Less than 24 Hours in [Speed] Goat CountryBy Brandon Purcell

Pronghorn antelope. Speed goat. Prairie devil. The animal doesn’t exactly conjure up images of high vistas or epic mountain scenery, but in certain areas of basin country in the American West, they live in some

A Special Place By Scott Hill

I’d heard about Coues deer in passing growing up hunting in Nevada but had not given it much thought until my best friend called and asked “Can you go to Mexico next week!? We might

Priorities By Mikael Charbonneau

Hunting the Rocky Mountains started as an unreachable dream over a decade ago. Then it became a goal to hunt mountain big game when I moved to western Canada, and now it’s simply a deep