Tools of the Trade: Initial Thoughts on the Mathews No Cam

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a speed freak. Whether we’re talking cars or calibers I’ve always held the opinion that faster equals better. It was with this bias that I purchased a

Wolves In The Saddle, By Dave Marsh

With a loud growl, the wounded wolf lunged toward Jason dragging its back legs behind it. It was down, but not out. We were without a gun and had to think on our feet. I

Second Chance Dall, By Blake Rothschild

For as long I can remember I have been fascinated with mountains and the wildlife that calls them home. In fact, the first thing I did after moving to Alaska was grab a set of

Backcountry Recovery Strategies, By Field Editor And RMT Matt Thompson

Physical day to day recovery is one of the most important aspects of a successful multi-day backcountry hunt. With adequate preparation the first few days in the mountains can be handled with relative ease, and

An Interview With Remi Warren, Host of Apex Predator In our opinion there are few things as inspiring as the stories of those willing to take the path less traveled. The history books are full of examples of explorers, prospectors, pioneers, and

Magic Moment, By L. Victor Clark From The B&C Club’s “Big Trophies, Epic Hunts” In the early 70s I started hunting mule deer in the Pine Forest Range located in northern Nevada. Starting in 1973, every year for 20 years my wife Margie and I would spend


Terms like WOD, HIIT, Tabata and Work Capacity have become commonplace in training and conditioning discussions over the past few years. CrossFit and many other spin-offs have popularized these types of programs and indoctrinated the

Long Range About Face, By Editor In Chief Adam Janke

In the past few years the hunting industry has seen a particularly divisive trend emerge from the fringes to gain mainstream status. From rifles to optics and accessories, the long range shooting and hunting phenomenon

Training for Dynamic Environments Part 3

This is an example of what we call a “Bushman” session as it involves minimal equipment other than a set (2) of 20kg kettlebells (KB)s and some outdoor space, ideally with a small hill or

A Debt Paid In Stone, By Andrew Spear

It’s cold. The pain in my face has subsided after long days of working in the blowing snow, but Northern Alberta has finally afforded me the chance to do what I’ve been dreaming of for