The Farmer’s Carry – King Of Weighted Carries

The farmer’s carry is a missing ingredient in many individual’s strength programs. The utter simplicity of walking with heavy weight and perfect posture can have profound effects on building muscle and solidifying a bullet proof

Backcountry Worthy Snowshoes

There are few pieces of equipment as intertwined with the history of Northern wilderness adventure and travel as the snowshoe. For centuries they have allowed humans to travel through winter conditions that would otherwise have

The Serengeti Of The North – Alan Dabb’s Spatsizi Safari

As I write this I sit before a breathtaking panorama, shades of red and gold, dotted with splotches of dark green where spruce and subalpine fir have disrupted the cover of willows and swamp birch

Three Hours in Spatsizi – A Hunter’s First Moose. Colin G.’s Spatsizi Plateau Wildnerness Hunt

Note: Colin is an Assistant Editor of The Journal of Mountain Hunting What struck me most the first morning of our Spatsizi fly-in hunt this September was the feeling of solitude. That and it was

Caping 101, by Ray Wiens For those of us fortunate enough to live and hunt in the Western portions of Canada and the United States we are afforded many amazing hunting opportunities. My home province of British Columbia, especially,

An Interview with Jason Hairston

We live in an era of incredible change. What’s new becomes obsolete so quickly it can be near impossible to stay current with the most recent developments in a given product category or industry. The

Our Grizzly Hunt, By Robert J. Pentecost Jason, my son, was then 12 years old; this was to be our first “real” hunt. He had hunted since he was seven years old, around our ranch in southern B.C. We had decided

The Deadlift Deconstructed

Over the next three Mountain Fitness columns we’re going to break down the lifts we outlined in last month’s “The 3 Most Important Lifts for the Hunter” article. But before we dive into the deadlift

The Most Versatile Mountain Camo Pattern Part Two – Alpine Environment

In the second installment of our camo comparison we shot in very wet, overcast conditions in an alpine boulder field and scree slope. Here in BC there is often some greenery present well above 5,000

Tim Loran’s Traditional Archery BC Goat Hunt

This hunt started when my long-time friend called to tell me the Permit to Accompany had been accepted and that he and I would be goat hunting in the mountains of BC this year. The