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    Although North America is home to an abundance of game, two species above all consume the time, energy and attention of millions of hunters every year: the Rocky Mountain elk and the White-tailed deer.

    For many, the pursuit of these animals is no hobby. It is an obsession that demands total commitment to their craft.

    Elk and whitetail hunting may seem worlds apart, but both pursuits yield enduring lessons that are hard-earned, hard-won, and transcend simply cutting a tag.

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East of the Sun Trailer

Around the world and across cultures, there is no animal more representative of the mountains and mountain culture than the ibex. From Europe to the Middle East and North Africa, or the great mountain ranges

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Toeing the Line

In British Columbia, at the end of the guiding season, there is only one true mountain hunt available: Rocky Mountain goats.

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Blood Origins Journey – “Full Circle”

There is a perceived idea in both the hunting and non-hunting mainstream communities of what hunting is, and its this: hunting is about killing. To me, hunting is a journey. That’s what the art should

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Bert’s Cave Tour

Please join us for a special glimpse into the incredibly unique space that is Bert Sorin’s man cave/garage gym. – Centered around his one-of-kind Sorinex rack, this room is the convergence of utility and art.

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Dynamic Rewarming Drill

Do you know how your system performs in a worst-case scenario? In Episode 25 of the Beyond the Kill podcast, Sitka’s John Barklow discusses the concept of “exercising your system” and what he calls the

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Western Hunter – Father Time

Nate’s dad, Dennis, hunts for big public-land bulls during Arizona’s late rifle season.

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What is a Wilderness Athlete?

A complex personality whose soul is fed by the mental and physical challenges that occur in solitude. Pulled by a spirit of rugged individualism, self-reliance and unknowns that, without notice, can turn you into a

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Kicked Out

After missing a ram in Montana’s Unlimited bighorn sheep unit, Riley Pearson thought he’d never harvest a mature ram. That is, until he won a fully outfitted sheep hunt from the Less Than One Club.

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Be Relentless

We’re relentless because you’re relentless. You don’t back down. You don’t give in. You keep going when others stop. No matter where you take us, on the battlefield, in competition, or on the hunt, we