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Tim Loran’s Traditional Archery BC Goat Hunt

This hunt started when my long-time friend called to tell me the Permit to Accompany had been accepted and that he and I would be goat hunting in the mountains of BC this year. The

Elk Sherpa – Kevin Hilscher’s Kananaskis Country Elk Hunt (with support from Darrell Gaudet)

Hunting the Kananaskis area of the Alberta Rockies allows for a true backcountry hunting experience mere hours from a major city. The mountains, scenery, and relative lack of hunters due to vehicle and ATV access

Memorial Stone, By Ken Kitzman

My first archery ram.  Oh, how I dreamed of taking a ram with a bow. On my pack out this fall I came across a father and son on a horse trail, who told a

Settlin’ In The Colorado Rockies, By Trent Lowe

After two months of scouting public land in Western Colorado, my hopes were high for getting the opportunity at a 300 class bull in an OTC Archery Unit. During the summer I spent countless days hiking, glassing

Sambar Down Under, By James Barben

This hunt began many months before driving into the Alpine National Park, northeast of Melbourne, Australia. I knew it was going to be tough both mentally and physically, in part because the terrain is steep,

Temptation at Timberline, By Justin Stark

Like many hunters, Labor Day weekend is one of the most anticipated weekends of the year for me.  It was especially so last year. As busy as I was with work, this would likely be