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EP 336: 15 Years of Sheep Hunting with Ben Stourac

Nolan sits down with Ben Stourac, Sheep Guide and Owner/Outfitter of Arcadia Outfitting, to talk sheep. Ben has over 15 years of guiding experience, and relives some of his earlier memories chasing twisters, along with

EP 298: Tragic Bighorn Die-Off in BC

On this episode, Janke has Peter Gutsche on the show to share the most up to date info (at the time of recording) on the tragic bighorn die-off that’s occurring in the Grand Forks area

EP 296: Stone’s Sheep Hunt Hot Wash

On this episode, Janke and Wardo share lessons, highlights, and lowlights from their recent sheep hunt. From gear to skills and mindset, there’s something for everyone in this episode.

EP 292: Backpack Sheep Hunt Gear List

On this episode, Adam sits down with Wardo to review their respective gear lists for their upcoming backpack sheep hunt.

EP 282: Backcountry Boondoggle: Foss Brothers BC Stone Sheep

Adam sits down with Cam & Adam Foss to hear the story of Cam Foss’s 2020 Stone Sheep hunt. Both these gentlemen have accomplished more in their hunting career than most of us dream of

EP 278: Mindful Hunter – Identifying Mature Rams, with Clay Lancaster

Janke sits down with Jay Nichol of the Mindful Hunter Podcast to discuss a recent podcast he did with Clay Lancaster around field aging rams, before transitioning into that podcast itself.

EP 238: The Anatomy of a Mountain Rifle, with Omer Hrbinic

Nolan sits down with Omer Hrbinic — owner of Precision Optics and BC mountain hunting sage — to discuss the makings of a “perfect” mountain rifle. This one is long, but packed with info so

EP 236: BC’s Wild Sheep with Josh Hamilton

Nolan sits down with Josh Hamilton from the Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia to talk about on-going projects, and the upcoming WSSBC Northern Fundraiser Auctions.

EP 233: Guiding: Stone Sheep to Horse Wrecks with Zach Logan

On this episode, Nolan sits down with Guide Zach Logan to talk stone sheep, mountain goats, becoming a guide, and of course… horse wrecks.

Home at Last, By Alexander Sharif

The story of a magnificent Transcaspian Urial ram, which despite many twists and turns, finally came home after 50 years in exile!