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EP 334: The “Goat Father” – Coastal Goat Hunting with Marvin Kwiatkowski

Nolan sits down with Marvin Kwiatkowski – @bcbillies – a fellow BC outdoorsman, avid goat hunter, conservationist. Marvin has always been an outspoken advocate for goat hunting and conservation and has done much for the BC hunting

EP 300: Getting “Goatie” with the RMGA

On this episode, Adam speaks with Lee MacDonald of the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance to get an update on what the RMGA has been up to recently, their growth and progress as an organization over

Slow & Patient, By Andrew Schaefer

As I continue crossing that slope I remind myself to go slow and be patient. I’ll make it across in due time. There was no point in rushing now, I saw the goat lay down

EP180: Booner Billies Only, with Jeff Agostinho

In this episode, Nolan sits down with Jeff Agostinho, a fellow BC Resident, and avid mountain hunter, to talk about Jeff’s recent February Mountain Goat hunt. Cold weather, Long shots, and Booner Billies.

EP179: Intro to Mountain Hunting: Goats in February

Nolan recaps a recent goat hunting trip with JT Crosson, a long time friend, and rookie mountain hunter. This was JT’s first-time backpack hunting, and it was an eye-opener!

My Father’s Footsteps, By Carson Keys

I grew up flying in my dad’s Cessna, but his was equipped with tundra tires and not floats. Taking off and landing in a floatplane for the first time was the perfect foreshadowing for what

An Island Harvest, By Drew Kress

The diesel motors started up and we were cruising the salt. Heading to the other side of the island to begin our pursuit for Sitka blacktail deer and mountain goat. The captain of the 43’

The Importance of Age Class

This is where the importance of age class comes in. Through selective hunting for mature animals, the impact of the harvest is diminished, even in the case of mistaken identification