EP 304: Consistent Elk Hunting Success with Dylan Eyers

On this episode, Adam’s back in the interviewer’s seat to host Dylan Eyers from EatWild to discuss what it takes to consistently have success hunting elk in BC.

A Rookie Elk Hunter’s First Season, By Blake Brown

After passing the frigid October night listening to the sounds of ice forming and moving in the creek bed, we awoke just after four AM, quickly breakfasted and donned our packs for a 1800ft climb. We ascended the majority of the way under cover of pines, only exposing ourselves in the treeless creek in the faintest glow of pre-dawn sunlight for the final, steepest portion of the ascent.

Roar of the Highland Stag, By Lukas Schulte

I was standing in the dark outside of St. Huberts Lodge near the small town of Pitlochry, in central Scotland. The night air was cold and filled with the deep vocalizations of Scottish highland stags

First Blood – Colorado Elk, By Russell Harris, DVM

When I was about 100 yards from the rise he was standing on, I looked toward the right of the trail and into the creek bed. I could see that he was lying dead in the creek bed on flat ground 60 yards from where he was standing.