In Episode 5 of the Beyond The Kill podcast we welcome Cam Foss, one of the most hard-charging mountain hunters in the industry today. Cam was basically born with a bow in his hands so when it comes to bowhunting, especially mountain bowhunting, Cam knows his stuff.

He has a wealth of experience hunting some of the toughest game in the toughest conditions on the planet. As an Alberta resident, Cam was lucky enough to cut his mountain hunting teeth chasing bighorns with his Dad and brother in the cold and unforgiving Canadian Rockies. There’s just no question these Foss boys know sheep.

The discussion covers everything from his early days learning to bowhunt with his Dad to the equipment, training habits and mindset it takes to succeed in the mountains. We also get into Cam’s recent experiences hunting internationally. If you’re looking for true adventure, the opportunities available to the intrepid mountain hunter are beyond exciting…and affordable!

It’s a great conversation with a solid Canadian dude.

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Posted by JOMH Editor