In Episode 2 of the Beyond The Kill podcast we welcome Heather Kelly, founder of Heather’s Choice Adventure Meals. Heather is an expert in the realm of backcountry and sports nutrition and founded her backpacking meal company, Heather’s Choice Adventure Meals roughly one year ago. Her product line is a welcome, and absolutely necessary addition to the backpacking meal marketplace.

Heather is also one hell of an accomplished athlete and a hard charging backcountry enthusiast in her own right that brings a ton of real world experience to the topic of backcountry nutrition and performance. So when she speaks we should listen!

Heather and I go deep on the subject of sports nutrition and backcountry performance and meal planning. We also cover diet modifications you can make today, right at home, to enhance your performance in day-to-day life and the backcountry where we must excel in order to be successful.

Heather also brings us up to speed on her current Kickstarter Campaign that she’s running until Dec. 21st in an attempt to raise the funds necessary to order and produce the smallest, best tasting backpacking meals the world has ever seen. Now that’s a cause we should all be able to support!

To learn more about Heather, Heather’s Choice and her Kickstarter Campaign, click on the links below.

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Posted by JOMH Editor