On Episode #39 Adam welcomes Matt Comment back to the show.

Matt was originally on the podcast a few months back and in that episode briefly touched on some of the nutritional changes he’d made in the lead up to his NWT Dall sheep hunt last summer. These changes helped him show up ready for anything the NWT might throw at him and he came home with a Dall ram that dreams are made of.

After that episode aired we received a ton of requests to bring Matt back on to dive into the details of what, why and how he made the changes to both his training and backcountry diet.

So, by popular demand, Matt is going to take us through how and why he made the changes he did and what exactly he packed, food wise, on that hunt.

Matt also covers how he manages to make dream hunts for species like Stone sheep, Dall sheep, elk and mule deer happen, on a regular basis, despite not being a rich man or trust fund brat.

This episode is packed with tips, tricks and real world lessons that you can employ right away no matter what you have planned this fall! Enjoy!

Matt’s NWT Dall Hunt Backcountry Menu (Daily):


1 x Heather’s Choice Buckwheat Breakfast

1 x Justin’s Peanut Butter Packet

1 x Four Sigmatic Instant Coffee


1 x Quest Bar (Cookies & Cream)

1 x Pack of Heather’s Choice Packaroons


1 x Pro Bar Meal Bar (Superfruit Slam)

1 x Epic Bar

1 x Planter’s Mixed Nuts Single Serve Packet


1 x Heather’s Choice Meal (Shepherd’s Pie)

1 x Backpacker’s Olive Oil Single Serve Packet

1 x Justin’s Almond Butter Packet

Instagram: @mattcomment

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