Episode 37: Total Immersion with Brady Miller of goHUNT.com

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Episode 37: Total Immersion with Brady Miller of goHUNT.com

March 24, 2017

On this episode Adam is joined by Brady Miller, Digital Content Manager at goHUNT.com and an admitted mule deer fanatic.

This is one wide ranging conversation! Brady is not only a gifted photographer and accomplished mountain hunter but his passion for the outdoors is unparalleled and that passion comes through in spades on this episode.

Adam and Brady dive into his upbringing and background before joining goHUNT.com, his tips and tactics for maximizing Western hunting opportunities EVERY year, the technology debate within the hunting industry, gear, effective archery practice techniques, bow tuning and of course mule deer…with a few random topics mixed in for good measure!

This is a LONG episode but for good reason as Brady is filled with passion and knowledge and there was just no way to cut this one short. Enjoy!

Web: www.gohunt.com

Instagram: @brady_j_miller

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