When it comes to hunting shows, films or videos it takes a lot to impress us.

So, it’s with zero exaggeration that we say THE YUKON WILD is one of the most awe inspiring and impressive productions we’ve seen in a long, long time.

On this episode, Adam is joined by the host of this upcoming series, Greg McHale. Greg is one interesting dude with an incredibly diverse background: collegiate hockey player, RCMP officer, wrangler/packer, hunting guide, professional athlete, bush pilot and businessman.

Greg brings all this experience and more to bear in this awesome episode jam packed with stories, tips, strategies and a fair number of laughs. His personality and philosophies on training, hunting and life in general made this one of the most fun episodes we’ve recorded to date.

Greg’s the kind of guy you’d love to grab a beer with or sit around the fire with while sipping whiskey and telling lies. Uh, we mean stories 😉

Greg and his team at THE YUKON WILD have produced something truly special with this new series so check out their trailer linked below and show them some support on social media. The hunting industry needs more content like this!


Instagram: @theyukonwild

Web: www.theyukonwild.com

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Posted by JOMH Editor