This episode was recorded on location at Sheep Show 2017 and brings you a mix of short form interviews with various companies and personalities within the industry.

Interview 1:

Adam gets his first in-person look at the new SUBALPINE line from SITKA in a second interview with Sitka’s John Barklow. John walks us through the design philosophy, extensive testing, and product specs behind the launch of this exciting new line.

Interview 2:

Adam visits the GUNWERKS booth to spend some time with Mike Davidson, Director of Manufacturing & Operations. Mike brings us up to speed on some exciting new models, and course offerings and gives his input on what Gunwerks rifle he’d recommend Adam take on an upcoming winter mountain goat hunt.

Interview 3:

Adam visits with one of BTK’s first guests, Mark Paulsen, founder of WILDERNESS ATHLETE. Coach P as he’s affectionately known breaks down the new ELITE products WA launched a few months ago. This is a highly informative interview about what goes into these innovative pre- and post-workout products. Also, don’t miss an exciting WA announcement included in this interview!

Interview 4:

Adam jams with two recent guests, Kenton and Ryan Clairmont, as they talk gear, training, and the Clairmont brothers’ exciting new initiative the ALASKA SHEEP PROJECT that went live earlier this week. If you have a mountain hunt planned later this year you’re going to want to tune in!


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