This episode is obviously not coming to you live in the strict sense BUT it was recorded live on location in NZ in two separate locations at different points in the trip.

The first part was recorded deep in the Southern Alps a few days into the hunt while we were holed up in a hut waiting out a nasty bit of weather and the second part was recorded at the end of the trip the day we flew out.

This episode covers a mix of hunting action, trip details and the Kiwi perspective on conservation and game management, a topic that in NZ has a very different meaning than in North America.

Our Kiwi guides, Joseph and Tim take us inside the intricacies of species specific conservation in New Zealand and why it’s such a unique place to hunt with no seasons and no bag limits.

A BIG THANK YOU to Joseph Peter owner of HARD YARDS HUNTING NZ for an incredible experience and Connor Gabbott of CEDAR & SAGEBRUSH for the excellent film and photography work on this trip!

Joseph Peter Instagram: @hardyardshunting_

Connor Gabbott Instagram: @cedarandsagebrush

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