On this show, Adam is joined by John Warren of Leupold.

Adam and John recorded this conversation on location in Oregon after a full-day on the range
at the Leupold Optics Academy (LOA).

Many hunters spend the bulk of their time practicing under ideal range conditions but, as we all
know, you don’t always get the perfect shot opportunity in the field. So, with his Tajikistan ibex
hunt looming, Adam wanted to take his marksmanship to the next level.

John took Adam through a series of drills and instruction focused on field-applicable shooting
positions and the mindset required to make the most of any shot opportunity that might
present itself. This is what you’ll hear about in this episode.

John is a wealth of knowledge and brings a unique perspective to the skills and mindset
required to excel under any conditions and circumstances. Regardless of whether you carry a
rifle or bow afield, there are key takeaways for all hunters in this episode.


Posted by Nolan Osborne