On this show, Adam is joined by another repeat guest, Chris Denham.

Narrowing down Chris’ involvement in the hunting industry is no easy task. He is one of the men behind, and faces of, The Western Hunter TV show. He’s the publisher of Western Hunter magazine. A partner in The Outdoorsmans retail business. A partner in Wilderness Athlete…and a partner in The Journal of Mountain Hunting multimedia platform. To say he’s a busy guy would be putting it mildly.

In this episode, Adam and Chris talk about the story behind The Outdoorsmans (you’ll want to hear that one), and then take a deep dive into all things glassing related.

Growing up in Arizona, Chris learned at an early age just how important effective glassing techniques, and of course equipment, are in wide open country. Since then, he has applied these techniques and tools across the West with substantial success.

If you hunt in areas where glassing is critical to cutting a tag, this one’s for you.




Posted by Nolan Osborne